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Christopher Flensborg

Head of Climate and Sustainable Finance, SEB

Mr. Christopher Flensborg joined SEB in 2003 and is Head of Climate & Sustainable Finance, mandated to identify areas where financial mandates can help solve societal challenges – and develop and implement solutions through collaboration with clients.

As a pioneer in Green Bonds, working closely together with The World Bank, he has developed concepts and mechanisms enabling mainstream investors to address climate investments in their portfolios. As a thought leader, SEB works to enable access for mainstream investor’s core portfolios to green investments.

SEB´s goal is to be a prime provider of mainstream financial climate solutions across various financial mandates. In this capacity, Mr. Flensborg is involved in climate investment strategies worldwide, from development to execution – from borrowers to investors.

Mr. Flensborg spent over 28 years working in leading international financial institutions. He received his management training from international banks through schooling at Oxford, INSEAD, and Harvard Kennedy School.

In 2017, as well as in 2011, Mr. Flensborg was named “Personality of The Year” by Environmental Finance magazine for his work in scaling up the Green Bond market. In 2015, Mr. Flensborg was named "Overall Most Impressive SRI or Green Bond Banker", "Editor´s Award for Driving SRI Market Development - Banker" and “Most Influential Champion of the SRI Market” in 2016, by Global Capital. Mr. Flensborg is a frequent speaker and has addressed institutions like the UN General Assembly and the OECD – and has been invited as guest speaker at leading educational institutions globally.

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